Eberron Campaign

They're Back!

Skall's Musings - 1

I had the dream again last night. I know it was because I saw them again. I’m sure they are not the same ones, but they all look alike, so who knows. It would explain why they were so reluctant to surrender. Suffer a goblin to live? Never! That Paladin girl ain’t that bad, but she doesn’t understand. None of them really do. It was those big eared, big smile, green skin bastards that killed my parents and sold me to the long legs. For two years I suffered due to those little ankle biters. I’ll not be captured again. I tried to leave it alive, but leave it alone and let it continue to hurt people. I don’t think so. The trifling gave me a nice big snake skin. I might try to make some shoes for that Dancing Dude. The slick skin would sure make him move smoother. Once I get strong enough I can put a little glimmer on them. I’m sure of it. Each day we’ve been free I feel a little stronger, but I doubt I’ll ever get back to the way I was. This twisted scarred body will be my reminder to be stronger, be better, and strike first. It’s a long road outta here, but we’ll see what comes. In the mean time, burn baby burn.



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