Eberron Campaign

PreEpisode 5

Arvin Tandoor...and the arts of faith and truth

Oh lord, I know it has been some time since we spoke, but I need your strength. These monsters did something to that little girl in the cell next to mine. Why did they focus on her? Whatever they are trying to get out of these wretched marks is causing so much pain. WHAT the HELL did she do? She was just 11, maybe 12, so young. I wish I could have traded spaces with her. I pleaded to them to take me instead, but they just laughed at me and took her anyway. Oh god, those screams, those terrible terrible screams………………sobs. I don’t think she is coming back………..sobs. I think her fire is gone from this world. Lord, please watch after her soul.

I was not strong enough to save her, but I’ll be dammed if a fate like this befalls another one of these poor souls stuck here with me. I am ready to stand up and fight. No more, will I let them take these good people away and do their experiments. These are not men, they are animals. Carrion of the worst kind, and they need to be stopped. Monsters like them do not deserve to live among us. All they do is pray on the weak and powerless. These evil things must be ended.

The monks have enlightened me and gave me new purpose in my life. I now have hope that I can help protect those who can’t do so for themselves. You must have guided me to them after having to leave the Abby. They did not think ill of me for not having nothing to offer them in trade when arriving at their monastery. They have lit a fire in my heart that will burn bright for a very long time.

I never received any kind of encouragement from those that lived at the Abbey. Brother Maynard and many of the others did not view us orphans as anything but slaves. I do not hate Brother Maynard, as his teachings did bring me to you. I even understand why he turned me in after discovering this mark. However, he was wrong, and I could have done great things for the abbey if given the chance. I truly wish he would start thinking of others as much as he thinks for himself. He seems very power hungry, you should keep an eye on him.

You know that I will not stray from your light, but I must forge my own path now. I……………..I hear a battle going on. Wait, did you send someone to aid us lord? Will I get a chance to AVENGE that little girl? Oh lord, please give me the chance to overcome this evil and right the wrongs they have placed on us.

Oh shit…….what is that?



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