Eberron Campaign

PreEpisode 3

Skall, and the art of sanity. Trust me, Sanity is over-rated...

You see a gnome sitting in the corner of the cell, slightly mumbling to himself. When a guard walks by you might hear him say “Size 9 1/2, iron shod, about 2 years old.”

He’s sort of a permanent fixture here. Been there for as long as you have, in fact he might have been one of the first.

The guards don’t bother him or take him as much as they do everyone else. Sometimes they’ll beat him unconscious and take him, but often when come to take him…he looks up menacingly and you could swear his eyes actually turn red. The guards scurry away towards easier targets, often nervously mumbling something about “the incident”…

He seems nice enough, introduces himself as Skall, then mumbles something like, “I wonder if Owlbear skin can be tanned.” He is dark haired, very very slim build, as if he’s been starved, chained up, or otherwise contained for far too long. But there’s just something about him. He’s almost magnetic. And warm, I mean actually warm, like standing next to a cooling oven.

When the walls start shaking he looks up smiling. It’s time to go…



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