Eberron Campaign

Episode One: Opportunities Arise

Of isolation and crumbling stone...

The attack came from above…the old keep thrumming with each resonating beat. It was interesting at first, just a rhthmic beat that was at the edge of our senses.

Then it grew louder…and dust began to fall.

When the upper level collapsed down the stairwell going up, it also damaged the walls of the cell area. A few of us were able to break free of their cells, and thankfully took the time to release those of us that were physically able to attempt escape as well. It was an odd sensation, those first few minutes…a small taste of freedom that felt so alien on the tongue. There were eight of us, I think. We rallied together, fashioned a handfull of makeshift weapons, and set out as a group to find a way out.

We were lucky at first, we found food and water, even clothing. We encountered some giant rats at one point. Looking back, these were a cakewalk compared to what we would find later…

We realized no one could come to us due to the area of the collapse, but we were ready to be free of the keep. One of us—I’m still learning their names—discovered a crack in the wall that showed a possible way out (was a hollow space behind that wall). Several had some experience, and proved useful. There’s two Aasimar, a gnome, a couple humans…and just the one abomination. Me.

We set up watches and took turns trying to break down the wall. One small gnome among us…Skall I think his name is, is a magic user of some sort, and appears to be an excellent judge of footware.

We fought our way through some undead, and I got paired up with a giant cockroach-looking creature…I hit it very hard with my makeshift club, but it really beat the mess out of me. I was down on one knee about to check out when two of our group came back to assist me…me! We managed to slay all the creatures, and one or two of us have some healing abilities. We walked for hours, but couldn’t escape the tunnels and be free of this Keep. The following day, we discovered a massive cavern, dissected by a not too small flowing river. One highly dexterous member, I forget his name, was a strong swimmer. It wasn’t easy, or without danger, but he and eventually the rest of us, made it across. I think it was at this point that we realized we’d lost one of our group along the way, in our haste to be free of this place.

We took watches, and relied on one another to conquer obstacles. We have a sense of unified purpose…escape…that drives us on to exhaustion. Am unsure if it will last, there is some testiness between a member or two, but it could be worse.
One potential escape lies through a cavern guarded by an intimidating looking creature. He looked capable and had real weapons and armor…we were pursuaded to take another way. The other way involved Goblins, snakes, and spiders—and not necessarily in that order! We seem to be just strong enough to overcome obstacles and creatures, but we’ve relied on luck quite a bit. We found a glistening underground water source that appeared to have healing properties, but we seem to have used up it’s power resting in and consuming it. We’re still “almost” lost in the goblin caverns, and will soon be forced to rest again…

So far, I’ve been treated almost as an equal. How long will this last is anyone’s guess, but we’re making due as a group thus far…our skill sets seem to complement one another.



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